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New Wallcovering Textures


Introducing Penang, Jakarta and Gansevoort, three new wallcoverings rich in character, texture and colour.


Penang is a luxurious wallcovering that showcases the subtle beauty of silk. Comprised entirely of fine quality natural dupioni silk, Penang from the Natural wallcoverings collection is available in 8 rich and muted colours, including creams, beiges and taupes, a striking blue and a vibrant red.


Exemplifying the best of both textile and Type II high performance wallcoverings, Jakarta has the durability to withstand any high-use environment without compromising style. Featuring a subtle striation and slub evocative of natural linen, Jakarta mirrors the luxurious quality of a woven textile.

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Gansevoort from the Natural wallcoverings collection is a linen texture that features a fine horizontal striae, evoking the timeless craftsmanship of a gentleman’s tailored suit. Each thread is showcased in this delicate texture, creating visual depth and enhancing the luxurious quality of the material and the construction.

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