LIFE Textiles + Etheco Wool

LIFE Textiles® is an innovation in sustainable textiles. Launched in 2004, LIFE Textiles® was the first Australian textile collection to address the entire lifecycle, from raw material sourcing through to product recyclability.

Designed to Cradle to Cradle Principles

LIFE Textiles Lifecycle





– Made from 100% sustainable, rapidly renewable resources such as EthEco® wool, low pesticide eco wool or tencel cellulose

– Fibres sourced from Australia or New Zealand


– Minimal processing (e.g. no flame retardants)

– Produced to strict environmental criteria from fibre through to fabric (such as biodegradeable detergents and low impact dyes)

– Builds on best practices recommended by US EPA and European Union Eco Label

– Made in Australia or New Zealand by energy and water efficient mills who reduce and recycle waste


– Designed for Durability: LIFE Textiles® met or exceeded the performance standards

– Certified low-VOC, LIFE Textiles® is beneficial to indoor air quality as wool absorbs and does not re-emit prevalent indoor air contaminants such as sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and formaldehyde


– Reusable, recyclable through Instyle’s Revive® program and biodegradable

The Story of LIFE Video

EthEco Wool

EthEco® wool is used exclusively in LIFE Textiles® and is sourced from non-mulesed sheep raised on holistically-managed farms, improving animal welfare, human health and environmental care. The benefits of EthEco® wool include:


No Mulesing and Reduced Pesticide Use: EthEco® wool is sourced from farms that have ceased mulesing, which is the practice of removing skin from a sheep’s hindquarters. Most Merino sheep in Australia are mulesed and without it, these sheep are highly susceptible to flystrike. INSTYLE sources from specialised Merino sheep that, unlike traditional merinos, are free of skin wrinkling and naturally resistant to flystrike, therefore mulesing and insecticidal treatments are generally not required. The absence of skin wrinkles means that the sheep can be easily shorn without inflicting shearing wounds. EthEco® wool is sourced from sheep that are naturally resistant to pests, reducing or eliminating the need for pesticides. EthEco® wool contains zero or negligible pesticide residues and meets the EU Flower ecolabel requirements.


Traditional farming methods can degrade the environment. However all EthEco® wool farms employ holistic farming methods such as reducing pesticides, fertilisers and herbicides to regenerate and improve the land. This can assist in absorbing carbon from the atmosphere and increases biodiversity.


Reduced Human Health Risk and Improved Quality of Life: Eliminating or reducing fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides lowers the exposure of hazardous chemicals to the growers, their families and their workers, while holistic farming improves their quality of life.

Farm to Fabric Traceability Program

Trace your LIFE Sustainable Textiles® through every stage of production. Visit a typical farm where EthEco® wool is grown, and see how these farms are managed with minimal environmental impact. It’s yet further proof of Instyle’s strong commitment to producing sustainable and ethical textiles.