Instyle has a genuine, holistic and practical approach to sustainability. Since beginning its sustainability journey in 2002 Instyle has established itself as a leader in sustainability.

Instyle’s commitment to real environmental change extends beyond our organisation. For several years, we have challenged current industry practices and standards such as the Green Building Council and the Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) that reward ‘business as usual’ practices.

Instyle has been involved in developing better environmental lifecycle based standards including the Sustainable Textile Standard in the USA. Instyle also worked with the St James Ethics Centre to develop a project that aims to encourage small and medium businesses to become more sustainable.

Consequently Instyle has won numerous major sustainability awards including the United Nations’ World Environment Day Awards and the NSW Government Green Globe Awards.


Environmental Product

Instyle’s innovative approach to environmental design allows a wide choice of environmental products across its entire collection.

Textiles + Vinyls includes Instyle’s benchmark LIFE Textiles® collection, Crypton Green and polyurethanes

Contemporary Leathers includes chrome-free leathers such as Elmosoft and Puretann

Wallcoverings collection includes wallcoverings made from renewable content, recycled content and High Performance PVC-Free wallcoverings

Ecoustic® is a collection of intelligent acoustic and environmental panel, screen, felt and tile products

Wovin® designs modular wall and ceiling panel systems with a reduced environmental impact


Product Stewardship

Instyle and its manufacturing partners are committed to responsible life cycle management and the core principles of product stewardship and extended producer responsibility.

As a supplier of LIFE Textiles and Ecoustic Felt, Panel + Screen, Instyle understands that corporate social and environmental responsibility goes beyond the point of sale and warranty periods.

In conjunction with our manufacturing partners and suppliers we will take back all Ecoustic and LIFE Textiles products and recycle through our Revive program in the following ways.

Our product stewardship options include:

– Refurbishment of products for possible reuse by existing customer or on selling/remarketing to new customers.

– On selling or donation of ecoustic in existing condition to other commercial businesses or organisations.

– Disassembly of products for component and/or materials reuse in new product manufacturing.

– Disassembly of products for materials recycling by approved operators/recycling companies.